UI Interview

UI Developer - Interview Questions at TCS

  1. Why Doctype declaration? 
  2. What is Semantic HTML?
  3. Name 3 attributes of the position property.?
  4. How would you solve a floated div’s parent height.?
  5. If you have an issue with your page, how do you debug it, what tools do you use?
  6. What are 2 (shorthand) boolean operators supported by JavaScript ?
  7. What are the difference between HTML4 and HTML5 ? 
  8. What are the new features in HTML5 on which did u work on it ? 
  9. What are the new tags in HTML5 ? 
  10. What is the difference between simple cookies and new storage mechanism in HTML5 ?
  11. Need to find out an output of a new for loop code with 'continue' and  'break' ?
  12. Need to find out output of a new java script with createElement and binding with HTML listener code ?
  13. Simple code for setting up cookies with javascript ? 
  14. How a private variable implementation with javascript ? 
  15. How to create a simple object with javascript?
  16. What is closures in javascript ?
  17. What are the difference between CSS and CSS3 ?
  18. What are the events in javascript ?
  19. How to implement OOPs in javascript ? 
  20. Is jQuery code exicuted on the clientside, or serverside?


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